Irvine, CA, June 7, 2022

New Version of Netwrix Auditor Simplifies Access Reviews and Locks Down Data in Microsoft Teams

Netwrix Auditor 10.5 streamlines regular access attestation, mitigates the risk of data leakage via Microsoft Teams, and secures data in Qumulo and Synology.

Netwrix, a cybersecurity vendor that makes data security easy, announced today the release of Netwrix Auditor 10.5, a solution that has helped organizations identify and mitigate security risks for more than 15 years. A new version facilitates regular and accurate review of user access rights, controls excessive data exposure through Microsoft Teams, and enables control over sensitive data on Qumulo and Synology devices.

With this latest Netwrix Auditor release, organizations can:

  • Conduct regular access reviews with increased accuracy and less effort. Instead of manually sending separate emails to each business owner and analyzing each response, security teams can update access rights according to aggregated input from all data owners who verify permissions and indicate necessary changes through a dedicated, user-friendly interface.
  • Keep collaboration via Teams both convenient and secure. Organizations can now reduce excessive exposure of documents in Teams by tracking activity around the data being shared with external or anonymous users and spotting suspicious changes before they lead to a breach.
  • Ensure the security of sensitive data across Qumulo and Synology file storages. Netwrix Auditor 10.5 gives IT teams control over sensitive data on Qumulo and Synology devices by reducing the risk of its improper exposure and spotting suspicious activity around it.

Netwrix Research Lab surveyed 590 IT pros and found that 75% of them conduct periodic review of user access rights. However, 41% don't involve data owners at all, and 40% request review by manually sending permission reports to data owners via email or messenger, which makes the process not only unreliable but also quite time-consuming. Netwrix Auditor 10.5 streamlines the process of soliciting and receiving feedback from data owners, which enables organizations to accurately review access rights as frequently as they need and with far less effort.
Jeff Warren, Senior Vice President of Products at Netwrix

One of the practices that we wanted to improve upon was the formal auditing of security group membership and ownership. This was always a tedious and complicated process in which we created scripts to generate exportable reports to distribute to those with approval authority. Now with the new Access Review feature, this process is simple, intuitive and distributed, eliminating a large burden from an already busy IT group.
Jeff Rivet, System / Network Administrator at Indium Corporation

Netwrix Auditor 10.5 is now available globally. Download a free trial and get more information by visiting

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