Netwrix Corporation Newsletter - July 2007

Welcome to the first issue of our monthly newsletter. This month, we are introducing the latest release of Account Lockout Examiner and its new, cost-effective, license pricing. We will also cover two common password management problems and their solutions.

Table of Contents

Account Lockout Examiner - New Release

Last week we published the new release of Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner, which is basically a reduced version of the product (without web interface) intended for customers who don't need ongoing usage of the product by helpdesk staff in order to do proactive resolution of account lockouts. If you want to quickly resolve some annoying account lockout incidents from time to time, then this is probably the best product to choose for account lockout troubleshooting. As soon as some critical service account gets locked out, the administrator launches the product, performs a quick examination, fixes the problem, and closes it until next issue arises.

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Dealing with Password Management Issues - Self-service Password Reset

Password management is the most common IT support issue, bringing the most help desk workload in many organizations. Password complexity and expiration policy requirements lead to frequently forgotten passwords and account lockouts, increasing overall the administrative burden.

Two weeks ago we released new product - Netwrix Password Manager - which gives end users the ability to securely manage their passwords and resolve account lockout incidents in a self-service fashion without involvement of help desk personnel. Password Manager is a simple and cost-effective solution that allows users to reset forgotten passwords, troubleshoot account lockouts, and unlock their accounts manually, through a convenient web-based self-service portal and integration with the standard Windows logon procedure.

The product uses the question-and-answer security system for user authentication. First, users enroll by creating their profiles. Once the profile is established, the user can manage the password and account manually by simply supplying the answers from the profile. The product supports Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory domains and all Windows client operating systems. All account operations are logged for regulatory compliance and easy access by IT personnel interested in monitoring password management activity.

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