Oil & Gas Engineering Firm Gains Control over Hundreds of Terabytes of Data

Grey Owl Engineering ensures efficient data governance, provides better support to business users and improves the quality of business services with Netwrix Auditor

Irvine, CA, June 20, 2017

Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation in hybrid environments, today announced that Grey Owl Engineering leverages Netwrix Auditor to establish control over large sets of data, address business users’ requests more efficiently and enhance the quality of services provided to customers.

Grey Owl Engineering is an engineering firm based in Calgary, Canada, that provides a comprehensive range of engineering, procurement, construction and management services to the national and international oil and gas industry. The firm owns hundreds of terabytes of data, the biggest share of which is comprised of maps and engineering drawings. To avoid issues such as multiple versions of files being created or a finalized document being modified, the firm needed to establish rigorous control over file manipulations. Failure to do so could affect business operations, especially at the construction stage, and prevent the firm from providing quality services to customers.

The firm needed a solution that would provide detailed information about files, such as whether there are other versions and who created them, who deleted any missing files, who accessed a particular file and when, and so on. Netwrix Auditor offered all the necessary functionality. In less than a year, the firm has gained the following benefits:

  • Complete control over files and quick investigation of user issues. Netwrix Auditor enables the firm’s IT team to easily track all file read attempts, modifications, moves and deletions, and to address any issues in minutes, rather than the 2–3 hours required in the past.
  • Efficient data governance. The pre-built file analysis reports, which list data owners, empty folders and file duplicates, simplified data governance, improved storage optimization and increased user productivity. The reports also helped the team to identify users with excessive permissions and reduce data exposure.
  • Improved employee behavior. To increase employee accountability, the firm’s managers use the data provided by Netwrix Auditor during training on policies and procedures. As a result, employees are more careful about changing or deleting files.

"I think Netwrix Auditor is fantastic. It brings substantial value to our organization. The reports generated are clear and easy to understand. Just recently, there was an extremely important file change, and to avoid a lot of finger pointing, I used Netwrix Auditor and alleviated the doubt about who did it within 2 minutes. I plan to continue to renew," said Joel Roy, IT Manager at Grey Owl Engineering.

"Organizations that store a lot of data, especially business-critical files or drawings, inevitably face the challenge of efficient data governance. Understanding what is happening with your files, including who accesses, modifies, moves and owns them, enables IT and business users to improve control, streamline business processes and strengthen data security. Visibility also helps to identify old files, so they can be deleted or archived to clean up data storage and reduce costs associated with it," said Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix.

To read the complete case study, please visit: www.netwrix.com/go/greyowleng.

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