Optimizing Controls to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks

About the Webinar

No matter how mature a cybersecurity program is, there always remains room for improvement. Digital transformation continually expands the scope of IT processes, and organizations continue to grapple with resource, staffing, and skill challenges.

On this webinar, we’ll address how to augment staff expertise and resources with automation and continuous control assessments, enabling IT auditors and risk managers to work smarter and:

  • Enhance security architecture to improve how segmentation is structured or controls are designed
  • Use technology to automate, reduce human error, and focus your team on more strategic areas
  • Reduce the time you need to keep up with risk assessments and meet compliance goals
  • Optimize SOC processes and Simplify risk initiatives
Dirk Schrader avatar
Dirk Schrader, VP of Security Research