Privileged Access Management

Next-Gen PAM Summit: Session 1 - Strategy & Planning

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About the Webinar

Session 1 of the PAM Summit focuses on Strategy & Planning, offering a lineup of insightful sessions. Kick off the day with Sami Laiho's keynote, "Principle of Least Privilege in 2023 and Beyond", as he explores the evolving significance of least privilege in PAM.

Following the keynote, join the panel discussion, "Securing Tomorrow's Privileged Accounts: Identifying and Addressing Future Threats in PAM". Moderated by Martin Cannard, this session brings together industry experts Jeremy Moskowitz, Sami Laiho, and Rob Forbes to delve into emerging threats and effective strategies for securing privileged access.

To further deepen your understanding, engage in a Q&A Session with Experts, where you can seek clarifications and gain additional insights. 

Watch this session to discover:

  • The currently most used attack vectors in cyberattacks and how to protect against them
  • Strategies for managing administrative accounts and privileges in an enterprise
  • Effective methods for mitigating vulnerabilities in an enterprise
  • Tips to future-proof your PAM (Privileged Access Management) strategy
  • The top challenges associated with legacy PAM solutions
  • Emerging trends, technologies, and risks surrounding PAM projects
Martin Cannard avatar
Martin Cannard,
VP of Product Strategy
Jeremy Moskowitz avatar
Jeremy Moskowitz,
CTO and Founder of PolicyPak, Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Mobility
Ryan Oistacher avatar
Ryan Oistacher,
Director of Product Marketing
Sami Laiho avatar
Sami Laiho,
Chief Research Officer at
Rob Forbes avatar
Rob Forbes,
Director Zero Trust & Identity Service Stratascale