[Panel Discussion] Learn from Your Peers, Not a Vendor: How Three Experts Built a Culture of Security

About the Webinar

The first episode of the series features skilled data security practitioners Lesley Holmes (Data Protection Officer at MHR), Josh Purdin (Security Engineer at WellDyneRx), and Van Ngo (Incident Manager at John Deere). In this moderated session, our guests discuss their data security journeys, share practical advice on dealing with data protection regulations and answer any questions you might have for them.

Lessons from your peers:

  • The key elements of an effective data security program
  • How data classification tools can help you improve data security
  • Practical tips for complying with data protection and privacy mandates
  • Ways to avoid mistakes while building your security strategy
Ilia Sotnikov avatar
Ilia Sotnikov, Vice President, Product Management
Bill Evans avatar
Bill Evans, Chief Marketing Officer
Josh Purdin avatar
Josh Purdin, Senior Security Engineer at WellDyneRx
Lesley Holmes avatar
Lesley Holmes, Data Protection Officer at MHR
Adam Rosen avatar
Adam Rosen, VP of Product Strategy at Stealthbits
Van Ngo avatar
Van Ngo, Senior Information Security Engineer at Deere & Company