4 Handy PowerShell Commands for Managing the File System

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Recorded: June 13, 2019

Despite the increasing popularity of cloud storage and SharePoint, Windows file servers still play an important role in the enterprise. Understanding who has access to data and keeping file servers secure isn't an easy task. In an era when regulatory compliance is a top concern for many organisations, controlling file server security is more critical than ever. 

You will walk away with a pocket full of scripts that will enable you to: 

  • Modify permissions on files and folders 
  • Get permissions on files and folders 
  • Find folders with excessive permissions 
  • Audit permissions changes
Hosted by
Russell McDermott,
Solutions Engineer
Russell Smith,
IT consultant and author

Deep Dive: How to Reduce the Exposure of Your Critical Data

To reduce the overexposure of regulated and mission-critical data, it’s not enough to understand where it resides; you also need to uncover any issues that put the data at risk and quickly remediate them. With solutions from Netwrix, you can reduce the exposure of your sensitive data by moving it to a safe location, deleting confidential pieces of content from it and more.

Join us and discover how Netwrix solutions enable you to:

  • Understand which data needs protection and how exposed it is
  • Automatically migrate overexposed data to quarantine before a breach occurs
  • Automatically redact sensitive content from documents
  • Identify and revoke excessive permissions
  • Increase the accuracy of your data loss prevention (DLP) tool
9:00am PDT
29 August, 9:00am PDT
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