NetSuite and SOX: Prepping for Your First and Best Audit

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About the Webinar

Heading towards an IPO and worried about SOX compliance? Already subject to SOX and want to make your audit process easier? We’re sitting down with four NetSuite professionals who’ve found ways to automate the hardest parts of SOX compliance and audit prep. NetSuite is the ERP of choice for growing companies, and it’s no surprise that so many organizations going through the IPO process struggle to get their systems in order for SOX compliance. The good news is that many NetSuite teams have been through it before. Our panel includes finance, IT and systems leadership at recent IPOs who are eager to share what they’ve learned. We will kick things off with an overview and best practices from Spencer Roundy from the Cadence Group, then get into a wide-ranging discussion with our industry experts.

Paul Staz  avatar
Paul Staz , VP Sales and Marketing