[Product Training] Enterprise Data Security - Structured and Unstructured Data

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We care about security of your data.
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About the Webinar

This Cyber Security Boot Camp webinar series will help you develop expertise in defending your infrastructure, data and identities against cyber threats. You will learn tips and tricks that will help you ensure that your organization is more secure tomorrow than it is today. During each session we will look into specific areas and learn what we can do to improve the overall security posture.

As with all our customer success webinars, this session will be heavy on practical demonstrations that show how to use your Netwrix solutions to best achieve your goals.

Sensitive data remains a top target for hackers. You can minimize the likelihood of a data breach by identifying your most critical data, limiting the number of accounts with access rights to that data, and maintaining this state for ongoing information security across structured and unstructured data repositories. Through the use of Netwrix StealthAUDIT and Netwrix StealthDEFEND organizations can secure their data through visibility into effective access, data discovery, and classification capabilities, user activity monitoring, and real time threat detection and response.

Watch this session to learn about how to:

  • Identify where sensitive data resides and understand who has access to that data and who is accessing that data, along with any potential security risks to the data
  • Discover shadow access via privilege escalation that may lead to sensitive data exposure
  • Achieve a least privilege model of access to reduce unnecessary data exposure
  • Maintain ongoing governance through AIC entitlement review workflows
  • Monitor access to sensitive data and alert on any anomalies
  • Receive real-time alerts and automate response to unauthorized access to data
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Farrah Gamboa, Director of Technical Product Management
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Megan Barnash, Sr. Technical Training Designer
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Kevin Joyce, Senior Technical Product Manager