[Product Training] Top 10 Issues for Netwrix StealthAUDIT - Part 1

About the Webinar

Configuring new solutions to work properly within the environment can be a daunting task. Ken Enman, Netwrix Solutions Engineer, will be sharing his experience. During this session he will review the top cases encountered by our support team and how to resolve these issues.

As with all of our customer success webinars, this session will be heavy on practical demonstrations that show how to use your Netwrix solutions to best achieve your goals.

Watch this session to dive into the following top support issues:

  • Removing data for decommissioned file server, dropping file server host data for a single host without impacting others.
  • Cleaning up host lists: removing hosts from StealthAUDIT Master Host List that are no longer needed.
  • Outdated Active Directory inventory: forcing a full .Active Directory Inventory scan to make sure that data is up to date. What settings can be utilized to keep data from becoming stale in the first place.
  • Adjusting scan depth for File Systems: benefits and considerations of running scans in local, applet, and proxy modes.
  • Receiving activity from Netwrix Activity Monitor: Settings required in Netwrix Activity Monitor and StealthAUDIT to successfully collect data.
Michael Purdin avatar
Michael Purdin, Technical Support Manager
Ken Enman avatar
Ken Enman, Solutions Engineer