Pwn the Attacker: Easy Ways to Harden Your Network

About Webinar

Pentesters often bring scary news, revealing how attackers can wreak havoc on our networks in just minutes. The good news is that attackers often use similar techniques, which we can learn about to better protect our environments. In this webinar, Brian Johnson, expert pentester and attacker’s nightmare, will reveal the common tools and scripts that boogeymen use and show us how to defend against them.

In this special session, you’ll get to know:

  • Attack techniques that will chill your bones
  • How to tighten up the open ports on your firewall
  • How to prevent your domain controllers from allowing any user to have point-and-click domain admin access
  • How to slow down password-cracking and password-passing attacks
Jeff Melnick, Solutions engineer
Brian Johnson, Security enthusiast / Podcaster