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QWERTY Unleashed: Exploring Next-Gen Hacker Techniques for Passwords

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About the Webinar

In this electrifying session, Brian Johnson, a master of the digital underworld, will pull back the curtain on the enigmatic world of real hackers, revealing their ingenious tricks, from the stealthy art of password spraying to the creation of DIY password-cracking contraptions.

But the stage is not set for hackers alone; on the front lines of defense, Netwrix Solution Engineer Brendan McNulty a will be your stalwart guardian. He'll rise to the challenge, working tirelessly to preempt, detect, and ultimately outsmart these cunning attacks with Netwrix Auditor and Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer.

Watch the session to:

  • Explore password spraying techniques, including wordlist creation with tools like Kali's Crunch and Rubeus for Active Directory attacks.
  • Discover alternative password sources such as dehashed with practical demonstrations against Active Directory.
  • Learn to build your password-cracking rig, create efficient wordlists using "duplicut," and use hashcat for cracking.
  • Get an introduction to Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery's user-friendly GUI and distributed job capabilities.
  • Learn how to detect password spraying attacks and establish a robust password policy for Active Directory without burdening users or IT teams.
Brian Johnson avatar
Brian Johnson,
Security enthusiast / Podcaster
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Brendan McNulty ,
Solutions Engineer