Ransomware frühzeitig erkennen: Schwellenwert-Alarmierung gegen WannaCry, Petya, Locky…

About this webinar

Recorded: August 2, 2017

Schauen Sie unser Webinar an und efahren Sie, wie Sie Ihre Daten gegen Ransomware, externe Angriffen sowie Insider-Bedrohungen mit einer umittelbaren Schwellenwert-Alarmierung bei ungewöhnlichen Account-Aktivitäten schützen können:

  • Die Alarme: die Änderungen an Gruppen, OUs, File Shares
  • Die Eigenschaften von den Schwellenwerten
  • Die Beispiele der Schwellenwerten
  • Und mehr!
Hosted by
Tim Waida,
Security Systems Engineer

Deep Dive: Records Management – A New Solution to an Old Problem

Moving to digital creates the illusion that you’ll automatically leave behind all the records management problems you had with paper files, from the frequent errors by users to the endless requests from auditors. Unfortunately, that is not the case — over 60% of organizations are still stuck with mostly manual approaches to retention and disposition of records.

Join our 30-minute deep dive into electronic records management:

  • Learn why manual records tagging is a ticket straight to lower productivity, constant frustration and higher risks
  • Explore ways to automate the movement of records through their lifecycle and finally get home on time
  • Discover how to improve the performance of your records management system and increase its ROI
12:00pm EDT
15 October, 12:00pm EDT
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