Remote Workers 101: Detecting Insider Threats

About the Webinar

While IT teams are busy trying to figure out how to keep the wheels turning, threat actors are seeking to exploit the “work from home” situation. Most often, the root cause of security incidents is non-malicious but negligent end users. However, disgruntled employees can also take advantage of economic and societal uncertainty to strike. It’s up to IT pros to understand the techniques attackers use, educate their users about how to avoid common traps, and put tools and processes in place to promptly detect insider threats and avoid breaches.

In this webinar, Ilia Sotnikov and Adam Stetson will walk you through:

  • Best practices for preventing data leakage, given users’ tendency to prioritize convenience over security
  • Ways to identify covert attacks by monitoring VPN logon attempts and detecting suspicious activity in cloud applications
  • 5 things you have to keep a close eye to detect abnormal user behavior, and how Netwrix functionality can help
Adam Stetson avatar
Adam Stetson, Solutions engineer
Ilia Sotnikov avatar
Ilia Sotnikov, Vice President, Product Management