Netwrix Exchange Mail Archiver

e-Discovery and Exchange storage optimization

This product is no longer available. Please check other free tools offered by Netwrix.

Advanced Email Search

Netwrix Exchange Mail Archiver is an email archiving software that gives users ability to conveniently search through their past email and attached files (such as DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX and TXT). Searching for information in email messages with Exchange Mail Archiver is very straightforward via a unified search field that supports pattern matching and includes exclusion parameters "AND", "OR", "NOT", and now allows to look through all message parts with a single query. Users can perform more targeted searches.

Advanced email search

With improved Viewer Web interface of the email archiving software from Netwrix you can now export and import search criteria to a file in a single click. Once a search has been defined, you can save the search criteria for easy reference at a future date. For example, a user may save a search that shows all email communication with a certain recipient.

Users can perform search of archived emails by time frame (date/time sent), sender, recipient or full text search by subject, body and attachments.

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