SharePoint Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

SharePoint Security Reporting and Downtime Prevention

With Netwrix Auditor, daily reports provide continuous feedback on your SharePoint configuration changes. This feedback reveals where your security needs reinforcing and where potential problems might arise. By not having a solution in place to provide an ongoing SharePoint security reporting you put your organization at risk.

When data is compromised due to inappropriate SharePoint access rights, there is no way of knowing what happened unless multiple logs are reviewed. Failure to perform an ongoing SharePoint audit can cause unexpected downtime further costing the organization in lost productivity.

Native systems audit and logging features provide raw data. This raw data is of little value by itself. Compiling and gathering audit and logging data can take hours for analysis of a single incident. Expertise with this data is required to attain a high degree of confidence that the data collection and analysis is trustworthy.

Organizations that place a high value on SharePoint security cannot afford the time it takes for manual SharePoint audit data collection and risks associated with incorrect analysis. Netwrix Auditor collects data from all audited systems, compiles it using the patent-pending AuditAssuranceTM technology, and generates reports that are of value immediately. No other means of native SharePoint auditing and logging can match the data security benefits of using Netwrix Auditor.

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