Ensuring that permissions to sensitive data are always in line with business needs can be quite a daunting task if this data is stored on SharePoint. There are multiple ways you can grant and restrict access to data on this platform, which often creates a tangled permissions layout. Let Netwrix Auditor do all the heavy lifting and give you a single-pane-of-glass view of who has access to what on SharePoint.
Can you easily tell which of your Windows servers has an outdated or unpatched operating system, what software programs each server has installed, and where your critical antivirus solution is missing? With state-in-time reports on Windows Server configuration, you can easily analyze how secure your server configuration is and proactively remediate issues to prevent security incidents.
Excessive permissions, such as unnecessary full control rights to sensitive folders, are open doors that invite a breach. See how state-in-time reports on file server configuration enable you to quickly assess the current state of access available to particular users and groups and spot unnecessary permissions that you can remove to minimize your attack surface area.
Group Policy controls many essential security and operational aspects of most modern IT infrastructures. However, GPO implementation in live environments can be far from optimal: You might have incorrect values for some settings, or identical settings in different GPOs. See how you can easily review the GPOs in your Active Directory for better security and operational efficiency.
Establishing who has access to what in your Active Directory is a non-trivial exercise with native tools, but it’s essential for both security and operational stability. See how Netwrix Auditor’s state-in-time reports on object permissions in Active Directory can help you detect improper rights elevation and maintain good IT hygiene.