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Auditing Software for File Systems

Netwrix StealthAUDIT for File Systems empowers you to discover, organize and secure the massive amounts of data you store in your on-premises and cloud-based file systems. Know exactly where sensitive data resides, empower data owners to enforce a least-privilege model, promptly detect and investigate suspicious user activity, and more.

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Determine exactly where sensitive data resides and classify the files automatically; the enriched metadata also increases the effectiveness of your other security tools.
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Automatically uncover and remediate security gaps like broken inheritance, historical and unresolved SIDs, direct user permissions, and open access — before you suffer a breach.
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Make it easy for data owners to regularly review access permissions to their content, and provide an automated workflow for users to request access to the data they need.
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Spot threats and speed forensic investigations with deep insight into activity across your file systems, including which files, folders and shares users are accessing and what they’re doing with the data.
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Automatically identify and remove stale data to help users quickly locate the content they need — and save money by minimizing storage costs and administrative overhead.
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Protect data across a wide range of on-premises and cloud-based platforms, including Windows, Unix, Linux, Nasuni, and NAS systems like NetApp, Dell EMC and Hitachi.
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Maximize the value of your existing IT investments by choosing a file system auditing tool that smoothly integrates with both third-party and custom solutions.
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Manage your file systems today and tomorrow thanks to a lightweight architecture that scales easily to meet the needs of even the largest and most complex IT infrastructures.
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Netwrix StealthAUDIT for File Systems is a turnkey solution for common needs, yet highly configurable to give you the flexibility to fulfill your unique requirements.

Strengthen the security of your File Systems

Your on-premises and cloud-based file systems are a vital IT resource, housing huge amounts of business-critical data in documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. Netwrix StealthAUDIT for File Systems empowers you to both proactively mitigate risks to that data and to promptly spot and respond to threats in progress.

Reduce the risk of data loss
Discover and classify sensitive data across your on-premises and cloud-based file systems, and leverage automation to maintain a least-privilege model.
Accurately enforce least privilege while reducing IT workload
IT teams typically lack the information required to assess user access needs, so delegate this vital governance task to data owners! Determine the owners of your content and enable them to control access to their data through easy entitlement reviews and automated user request and approval workflows.
Spot threats
Monitor activity across your file systems for complete insight into which files, folders and shares users are accessing — and exactly what they’re doing with the data.
Streamline compliance
Speed audit preparations with pre-built reports, and easily create custom auditing and security reports to meet your unique reporting needs. Quickly satisfy DSAR requests from specific users with simple search.
Netwrix StealthAUDIT for File Systems
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