Hawthorne, N.J., February 21, 2020

Stealthbits, Now Part of Netwrix, Awarded "2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards" - Named Best Cybersecurity Company, Best Privilege Access Management Product

The company has been awarded multiple Cybersecurity Excellence Gold Awards

Stealthbits, now part of Netwrix, today announced that it has been awarded multiple Cybersecurity Excellence Gold Awards, including the coveted Best Cybersecurity Company and Best Privileged Access Management Product Award.

Through its suite of industry-leading Data Access Governance, Active Directory Management and Security, and Privileged Access Management solutions, Stealthbits is recognized for providing the most comprehensive approach to the data security and privacy problem that plagues enterprises of every shape and size. Each solution in Stealthbits’ portfolio serves a critical function within the data protection equation, from initial discovery to active threat prevention and everywhere in between.

The prestigious Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recognize both the extraordinary loyalty of Stealthbits’ customers, whose industry-leading renewal rates and repeat business rates are the result of the Company’s customer service ethos, and Stealthbits role as an innovator. Its patented technologies have shaped the direction of key security disciplines. Among Stealthbits’ advancements:

  • agent-less auditing techniques,
  • kernel-level and real-time monitoring functions,
  • access rights remediation,
  • threat deception techniques,
  • award-winning Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager (SbPAM) breakthroughs including
    • Activity Based, No Standing Privileges – curtailing the overabundance of privileged accounts and standing privileges that enlarge the threat surface, SbPAM instead provides access privileges only when they’re needed, and only as long as they’re needed. Privilege accounts are only “active” when in use. When not is use they are deprovisioned or disabled; and
    • Bring Your Own Vault (BYOV) – Most traditional PAM vendors require the use of their own password vault, often raising complexity and certainly raising costs. SbPAM provides options. Customers can use the built-in vault for credential management, can uniquely map to vaults from other vendors, and can even provide vault-less operations. The goal is saving customers both time and money.

Our mission is to protect our customers’ credentials and data, but our motivation and vision is to be the most valuable contributor to the overall strength and effectiveness of our customers’ information security programs. Because we realize that protecting credentials and data is only part of a comprehensive security architecture, albeit a crucially important one, we integrate tightly with other security vendors across the enterprise ecosystem.
Steve Cochran, Founder and CEO of Stealthbits, now part of Netwrix

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