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Storage Optimization Software that Eliminates the Guesswork

Storage optimization is the process of aligning efficient storage with business needs at the lowest possible cost. Although disk space gets cheaper each day, constantly buying more data storage is a unending drain on your budget. Moreover, your organization will also be facing the steep operational, management and productivity costs that come with uncontrolled data growth. Why not take charge of your data today? With Netwrix Data Classification, you can clean up the data scattered across your on-premises, hybrid or cloud IT environment to control storage costs.
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Optimize storage by cleaning up your enterprise content

Storage optimization is impossible if you don’t have visibility into your IT infrastructure and the proper technologies at hand. With Netwrix Data Classification, you can take back control of your data, optimize your storages, and keep it all under control as your business grows and changes, so you won’t have to justify painful budget requests.

Reduce the total cost of storage by cleaning up low-value information

Many organizations put as much money and effort into storing and maintaining duplicate, obsolete and trivial data as they do for high-value content. Automatically find and get rid of all low-quality or low-value files, such as duplicates or old document versions, so you can invest your time and effort into the data that really matters and save on storage expenses.

Improve user productivity with organized folder structure

If your company’s information is chaotically spread across your IT environment, employees will waste time searching for specific content or recreating it. Enable users create a logical and manageable folder structure to make their data easy to access, use and manage, while consuming the least amount of space. With well-organized data, users will be more productive and the IT team won’t receive complaints about missing documents.