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It’s like x-ray vision for your NetSuite account

How many times have you asked yourself some variation of “If I change this, what will break?” NetSuite admins know that to be responsive in a customized environment, you need to know how things are connected. On its own, NetSuite doesn’t give you a way of seeing this. But Flashlight does.

Netwrix Flashlight for NetSuite provides on-demand documentation of your customizations — and shows you everything they’re connected to. With it, you can make changes with confidence, and manage NetSuite on an ongoing basis.

Flashlight is more than just documentation

Entity Relationship Diagram
Entity Relationship Diagrams​ map out, in an easy-to-read format, how your customizations are connected.
SQL Library
The SQL Library contains all formulas used in saved searches.
Dashboard alerts help you stay on top of critical changes — and spot potential problems before they occur.
The powerful finder enables you to search your documentation by name, type, creator, or date.
Impact Report
Impact reports show you the downstream effect of a change to a customization or standard field.
SuiteApp review
"…a Swiss Army Knife of system documentation, change management, and risk management."
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SuiteApp review
"Installing Flashlight has been one of the best things I’ve done as an admin."
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SuiteApp review
"…very helpful in tracking changes and in seeing the impacts of a new solution to the current system."
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SuiteApp review
"Being able to see all connections to a field has often saved me from making costly mistakes."
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