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Answer the question, "If I change this, what will break?"

Great documentation is the foundation for a great Org. With Flashlight, creating an accurate, up-to-date record of your customizations is simple. From there, our advanced tools leverage that data to help you manage, troubleshoot, and investigate changes.

Flashlight automatically creates a living record of all your objects, fields, workflows, and other Metadata. With instant visibility into the state of your Org, you’re more responsive to broader business trends, and better positioned to manage things on an ongoing basis.

Flashlight is more than just documentation

Dependency Relationship Diagram
Dependency Relationship Diagrams​ show all customization dependencies customization at a glance.
The powerful ​finder lets you search your documentation and filter results by name, type, creator, or date.
Impact Report
Impact reports​ answer the question: “If I change this, what will break?”
Export tool
The export​ tool exports detailed object and field information for further analysis.


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"…it's one of the apps I will want to be around for the entirety of my career."
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