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According to the 2015 Cloud Security Survey, the hybrid cloud is the most widely used cloud computing deployment  model. However, the majority of companies think that the adoption of the cloud is unsafe, because it lacks visibility into user activities. This can increase the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data, data breaches and account hijacking. 

While attackers continue to evolve their techniques, the IT community more than ever  needs to raise awareness about major security issues and the best practices to tackle cyber threats. In this issue of SysAdmin Magazine, we talk about advanced techniques that help enhance organization’s IT security both on premises and in the cloud.

Content in this issue

Let's Talk Security
  • IT news: Introducing Netwrix Auditor 8.0
  • Articles: Cloud security breaches and security awareness in organization
  • Exchange best practices: Detect non-owner mailbox access
  • Tech guide: Group policy for password monitoring
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We care about security of your data. Privacy Policy