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I’m So Smart, I Must Be a Sysadmin

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364 days a year, hard-working sysadmins puts their personal interests aside for the sake of carefree users, a secure network and smoothly working printers. But once a year, there comes a sysadmin’s time to shine — Sysadmin Appreciation Day.  

This special issue of Sysadmin Magazine is centered around the things that sysadmins really care about. You’ll find answers to your burning questions, including: Where should I work to be constantly showered with piles of cash? Which certifications should I get to make my fellow IT pros jealous? What are the top pains that torture sysadmins on a daily basis?

You’re just one click away from all this wisdom.

Content in this issue

I’m So Smart, I Must Be a Sysadmin
  • Systems administrator salary: How much can you earn?
  • 10 network monitoring tools for sysadmins
  • Top things that sysadmins really hate
  • Top certifications to begin and advance your tech career

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