Top 5 Things to Do to Stop Attackers in Their Tracks

About the Webinar

Once attackers have broken in your IT environment, they often lurk in the network for months. Their goal is to blend in with normal traffic to avoid detection while they look for valuable data to steal. It’s up to IT pros to understand the techniques malicious actors use to stay off the radar and ensure they can detect suspicious activity in time to prevent data loss.


Watch this on-demand session and learn how to improve detection of threat actors to protect your critical assets. By the end of this session, you’ll know:

  • The techniques attackers commonly use to traverse the network without raising alarms
  • Which tools can help you identify attackers on the prowl
  • How to spot attacks in their early stages so you can respond promptly
  • Proven methods you can use to defend your IT environment


Dakota Brewer, Solutions engineer