Rogue insiders and external attackers often create bogus accounts to perform malicious actions and then quickly delete them to make it harder to detect their activity. See how specific Netwrix Auditor reports can help you spot temporary accounts that could be the handiwork of cyber criminals, and also identify recently enabled accounts, which can also be suspicious.
User activity in corporate IT systems outside of business hours is not uncommon or necessarily worrying in itself. Similarly, failed activity can have natural and legitimate causes. However, you need to review this activity for any signs of malicious intent to corrupt or steal your data. Learn how you can do that using specific Netwrix Auditor reports.
Occasional user access to obsolete files in your archive locations is in the nature of things. But you need to know when anyone reads a large number of old files at once because that can be a sign of malicious robotic activity. See how you can track those read access attempts using the Access to Archive Data report.
If someone suddenly starts to access sensitive files and folders that they rarely used before, you may be facing an insider attack or account compromise. See how you can detect worrying changes in user behavior using the Data Access Surges report.