Webcast with CMMC Expert Jacob Horne: What do recent DoD statements around CMMC mean and how to protect your DoD business

About the Webinar

Big news for all DoD contractors: The DoD has started to announce specific dates for when they anticipate CMMC rules to be completed and when they will start putting them into contracts. However, many companies still have a perception that СMMC requirements will change and therefore remain significantly behind in being CMMC ready.
Watch this 60-minute live session with CMMC expert Jacob Horne to explore:
•   DoD’s recent rulemaking announcements
•   3+ years of CMMC development
•   DoD rulemaking vs. implementation
•   How technology can assist your CMMC efforts

Ken Tripp avatar
Ken Tripp, Director of MSP Program, AMER
Nicholas Matta avatar
Nicholas Matta, Solutions Engineer
Andrew Morgan avatar
Andrew Morgan, Founder of The CyberCall
Jacob Horne avatar
Jacob Horne, Chief Security Evangelist at Summit 7