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Netwrix Data Classification Demonstration

We are excited to showcase the functionality of our newest product — Netwrix Data Classification! This software reveals the true value of information you store and cures both your information security and governance headaches.

Join us for a live demo and learn how to:

  • Accurately identify sensitive information and reduce its exposure
  • Slash expenses on data storage by cleaning up obsolete or trivial information
  • Respond to legal requests without putting your business on hold
  • Streamline data management tasks by retaining, archiving or migrating only specific types of data
1:00pm EDT
24 September, 1:00pm EDT
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Surviving Pitfalls: A Step-by-Step Guide for HIPAA Risk Analysis

HIPAA security risk analysis remains a top source of confusion and concern among IT pros. HIPAA-covered entities keep generating large volumes of data and PHI, IT systems are increasingly complex, and cyber threats continue to evolve. How can you ensure HIPAA compliance in the face of what seems like an endless number of challenges?

To help, we’ve put together the key concepts around risk analysis and the steps for getting started. Tune into this webinar with renowned HIPAA expert David Ginsberg to discover:

  • The differences between risk analysis and risk assessment for HIPAA
  • How to spot and remediate risks while adopting a cloud-first strategy
  • A checklist for your business associates to minimize the risk of a third-party data breach
  • How to minimize the exposure of your PHI by automatically redacting sensitive data from files
  • Does a HIPAA SRA help with new laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act?
1:00pm EDT
24 September, 1:00pm EDT
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Deep Dive: Implementing the NIST Framework for Effective Cybersecurity

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) enables organizations to understand, manage and reduce their risks to better protect their networks and data. Although the framework is voluntary, adopting it can help you comply with regulations like HIPAA, FISMA and SOX.

Take a deep dive into NIST CSF and discover how Netwrix solutions can help you implement it by enabling you to:

  • Discover and remediate IT security gaps, such as a large number of directly assigned permissions or too many inactive user accounts
  • See who has access to regulated and mission-critical data and how they got that access
  • Detect abnormal user behavior or policy violations and respond in time to prevent a breach
  • Streamline incident investigation by seeing exactly what happened, who was behind it and which pieces of information were affected
12:30pm EDT
25 September, 12:30pm EDT
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Cómo detectar el comportamiento anormal del usuario antes de que se produzca una brecha

¿Cuánto sabe sobre el comportamiento de los usuarios en su entorno de TI? Si alguno, de imprevisto, empieza a acceder a archivos y carpetas confidenciales a los que raramente accedía antes, ¿Cómo de rápido lo detectaría? Desafortunadamente, todos conocemos el titular, las actividades maliciosas que se producen desde dentro a menudo pasan desapercibidas durante mucho tiempo.

Vea esta profunda inmersión en el análisis del comportamiento anormal del usuario de Netwrix Auditor para aprender:

  • Cómo analizar las tendencias de acceso y los picos de actividad repentinos
  • Como detectar un comportamiento anormal del usuario que puede provocar pérdida de datos
  • Cómo investigar los incidentes de manera eficiente y decidir cuál es la mejor respuesta
4:00am EDT
3 October, 4:00am EDT
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Netwrix Auditor Product Demo

With threats growing in both number and sophistication every day and regulations imposing increasingly strict requirements, you are always fighting an uphill battle. Arm yourself with Netwrix Auditor, and you’ll spend less than 5 minutes a day on risk assessments and slash the time required to prepare for audits by up to 85%.

Take part in a 40-minute session as one of our solutions engineers explains how you can:

  • Identify your data and infrastructure security gaps, such as excessive access permissions and unprotected accounts that are sitting idle
  • Ensure timely detection and response to incidents by setting up alerts with automated actions
  • Quickly comply with existing and new regulations and pass audits on your first attempt
  • Stop struggling with cryptic logs and cumbersome spreadsheets, and simply generate pre-built, human-readable reports for management, auditors or other stakeholders


1:00pm EDT
8 October, 1:00pm EDT
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Deep Dive: Records Management – A New Solution to an Old Problem

Moving to digital creates the illusion that you’ll automatically leave behind all the records management problems you had with paper files, from the frequent errors by users to the endless requests from auditors. Unfortunately, that is not the case — over 60% of organizations are still stuck with mostly manual approaches to retention and disposition of records.

Join our 30-minute deep dive into electronic records management:

  • Learn why manual records tagging is a ticket straight to lower productivity, constant frustration and higher risks
  • Explore ways to automate the movement of records through their lifecycle and finally get home on time
  • Discover how to improve the performance of your records management system and increase its ROI
12:00pm EDT
15 October, 12:00pm EDT
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