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Password123456: Protecting your Active Directory Castle

Hackers love it when we choose weak or leaked passwords for our most important accounts. What if we could better protect our companies by preventing users from picking over 500 million known bad passwords?  And better yet, what if we could do this for free?

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Download and customize the popular Pwned Passwords list
  • Incorporate Pwned Passwords into Active Directory for free using the open source PwnedPasswordsDLL project
  • Build customized lists of additional bad passwords
  • Enforce a strong password policy and monitor for unauthorised changes to it using Netwrix Auditor
12pm EDT
26 March, 12pm EDT
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HIPAA Violations Explained: How to Create a Realistic Program to Pass an Audit

There are hundreds of ways that HIPAA rules can be violated — improper disclosures of PHI, unauthorized access, failure to conduct risk analysis, failure to maintain and monitor PHI access logs, and many more! But most violations come not from malicious intent but from a poor understanding of the HIPAA requirements.

Join HIPAA consultant David Ginsberg and Netwrix IT expert Jeff Melnick as they explain:

  • Common HIPAA violations you should be aware of
  • A deeper dive into violations involving texting, social media and mishandling of records
  • How to create an effective plan for passing external and internal audits
  • New HIPAA requirements and how to ensure your compliance with them

You’ll leave the webinar with a fresh perspective and an action plan for improving your compliance program!

1pm EDT
27 March, 1pm EDT
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The End of Enterprise Content Management – What Happened to Content is King?

Join us as we discuss intelligent content services. Microsoft has launched an entire global program to support them. Gartner has declared enterprise content management dead. And your organization is supposed to do what now?

Focusing primarily on compliance and risk management, this webinar explores the role of intelligent content services, their components, and how they can impact your unique content plans. Organizations must now rethink their strategies and the tools they buy – one size does not fit all.

The notion that a single monolithic solution can address an enterprise’s content needs is no longer realistic. Content is increasingly distributed and diverse, and the tools, applications, and requirements for its management differ vastly, depending on audience and use case.

This session demonstrates the tools to deliver intelligent content services, and examines their value within a Microsoft environment.

If you have a question you would like addressed during the webinar, please submit it when you register!

11am EDT
3 April, 11am EDT
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Visibilidad y control de tu infraestructura IT

Desde Altair Networks y Netwrix te invitamos a acudir a nuestro próximo webinar sobre Netwrix Auditor, herramienta líder del mercado en auditoría de ficheros, accesos y aplicaciones que, además, te ayuda a cumplir con el GDPR.

Regístrate y conoce todo lo que Netwrix Auditor puede hacer por tí:

  • Quién, cómo y cuándo accede a tu información interna
  • Qué datos empresariales son consultados y por qué usuarios
  • Visibilidad completa e informes personalizados
  • Control de sistemas críticos en la nube y en entornos virtuales
  • Data Discovery and Classification


4am EDT
9 April, 4am EDT
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Crossing the Content Chaos Chasm – Where Does Records Management Fit?

With the option of enterprise content management (ECM) or content services, what is on the horizon for records management? The objective of content services is to unbundle ECM solutions, to enable organizations to adopt and deploy technologies that are aligned with their requirements.

Traditionally, records management has left a gap in ECM solutions. Content lifecycle management (CLM), a long-time wish of many a records manager, can be achieved by leveraging your data and our technology under Microsoft’s content services offering.

This webinar focuses on how to ensure your efforts achieve your records management objectives. It explains how to understand the key differences between an ECM and a content services solution, and how each will impact your decision making.

Understand the value of an intelligent approach to content services, and how the right decisions reduce risk and cost, and remove traditional records management roadblocks. The impact on end users will be explored, and the session discusses records management implications for SharePoint and for Office 365.

11am EDT
8 May, 11am EDT
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