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¿Cómo proteger sus datos sensibles con un enfoque Data-Centric en seguridad IT?

A medida que las empresas generan más y más datos, es cada vez más difícil identificar y separar la información valiosa y convertirla en inteligencia útil para el negocio. Actualmente las organizaciones necesitan una forma de priorizar sus esfuerzos en la seguridad de TI y proteger lo que realmente importa.

  • Cómo identificar la ubicación de los archivos sensibles y mantenerlos seguros
  • Cómo identificar los datos sensibles estructurados y no estructurados, aplicando controles de seguridad
  • Cómo monitorizar la actividad de los usuarios y posibles comportamientos anómalos
  • Cómo cumplir de manera óptima con las normativas existentes
4am EDT
18 June, 4am EDT
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Netwrix Auditor Product Demo

See what Netwrix Auditor has to offer, including how you can prevent data breaches by staying in control of your sensitive and regulated data. Join a Netwrix systems engineer as he demonstrates how to:

  • Identify and remediate your biggest security gaps using the IT Risk Assessment dashboard
  • Detect and investigate abnormal user behavior faster with alerts and Google-like search
  • Minimize response time to common incidents or anticipated threats with Automated Response
  • Pass compliance audits with far less effort using Data Discovery and Classification
  • And much more

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1pm EDT
20 June, 1pm EDT
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Tips, Tools and Techniques for Overcoming Data Protection Challenges

Tighter data protection regulations have forced organizations to put data security at the top of their priority list. Join this panel of experts to discover why companies fail to ensure data security and how to avoid the same fate. They will discuss common data protection challenges: intellectual property theft, data loss, data breaches, system disruptions and compliance regulations.

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  • Gain expert insight into tools and techniques for improving data security in your organization
  • Hear recommendations for how to justify investments in IT security
  • Get simple yet effective tips for enhancing data privacy and protection
  • Learn the key differences between compliance and security
  • Leave the event with a clear and realistic action plan for avoiding data breaches


1pm EDT
26 June, 1pm EDT
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Executive's Guide to Smarter GRC with Cybersecurity Attack Analytics

Today’s increasing organizational complexity and evolving threat environment have made it more critical than ever for organizations to clearly identify their exposures, measure vulnerability risk, and quickly prioritize remediation efforts. Cyberattacks are often hidden from view under a mountain of alerts generated by security systems, giving attackers time to gain access to systems and seize valuable data.

To ensure their companies don't end up in the headlines for the wrong reasons, corporate governance, risk management, compliance management and other “lines of defense” functions need to rethink their security strategy and take an approach that looks at behavior and attack patterns. By conecting cybersecurity attack analytics with risk programs and GRC work streams, executives can increase visibility into the overall security risk of the organization which makes the investigation of application security events easy, and enables teams to mitigate and respond to real security threats quickly and decisively.

Join this webinar for insights on achieving smarter GRC with CAA. We will share:

  • Why traditional endpoint security is failing to see and stop attacks.
  • How using attack analytics can stop cyberattacks now and in the future.
  • Efficient ways to analyze events and prevent threats.
  • How to move from looking back to real-time and forward-looking GRC monitoring.
1pm EDT
27 June, 1pm EDT
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