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[Live Cyber Investigation] Can Netwrix Auditor X Save the Day?

September 28
5:00am EDT
About the Webinar

When it’s only you and your keyboard against the worst cyber enemies and the clock is ticking, you need to be able to quickly detect and investigate suspicious activity that threatens the security of your sensitive data in time to prevent a security nightmare. Join our live webinar with Brian Johnson, a friendly member of Blue Team, and learn how you can minimise security blind spots before attackers can use them against you.


Join this session and discover how to:

  • Reduce the time to detect and investigate threats to sensitive data
  • Streamline review of privileged roles in Azure AD
  • Spot and eliminate security gaps in SharePoint Online
  • Make your SQL Server investigations faster
Adam Stetson avatar
Adam Stetson, Solutions engineer
Brian Johnson avatar
Brian Johnson, Security enthusiast / Podcaster
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DJ Berryhill, Account Executive