Engineers Workshop: How To Implement A CIS Hardened Build Standard

July 7
5:00am EDT
About the Webinar

Commercial and open source system configurations generally lack all the necessary security measures needed before deploying into production. These configurations will often times have features and functionalities enabled by default, making them less secure and a prime target for today’s cyber criminals.

Implementing a CIS hardened build standard can help you address this issue by disabling and removing unnecessary functionalities and features, allowing your security team to proactively minimize system vulnerabilities, enhance system integrity, achieve compliance, and reduce your attack surface.

We’re on a mission to improve cyber security for everyone. That’s why we’ve launched our new Engineers Workshop: How to Implement a CIS Hardened Build Standard to help make the understanding and operating the CIS Controls as easy and accessible as possible.

In this 30-minute interactive workshop you will learn:

  • How to work through a CIS Benchmark Secure Configuration Guide & how to avoid the ‘Gotchas’
  • How to customize and expand to deliver a hardened build standard that’s designed for you
  • How to roll out to your IT systems, both manually and automatically
  • How to maintain everything in its secure, hardened state
 Phill Harris avatar
Phill Harris, Pre-Sales Director
Hasan Kismetli avatar
Hasan Kismetli, Solutions Engineer