What Most IT Admins Don’t Know About Deep Freeze

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What Most IT Admins Don’t Know About Deep Freeze
Disk restoration systems like Deep Freeze are great at what they do – but they don’t do everything.
Deep Freeze and related applications are great for giving you a quick and easy ‘system restore’ if you have a problem. Just hit a button, and the pre-problem state is reapplied. But that’s not the same thing as preventing the problem in the first place, and neither is it a foolproof method for network management.

In this whitepaper, understand exactly what disk restoration tools can and cannot do, and see what you’re missing to ensure flexible, precise and managed control over your end-users’ network experiences.

Who should read this whitepaper?
Anyone using, or thinking about using, a disk restoration system on their network. Also, learn about:

  • The limitations of disk restoration systems in ensuring the smooth operation of your network.
  • The proper toolkit for secure, dynamically-managed end-user experiences.
  • The extra reach and control Netwrix PolicyPak gives you for managing this
Summary of the whitepaper:
Deep Freeze and similar disk restoration solutions are a really powerful way of ensuring you can restore your system in case of trouble. And they’re great at what they do.

The problem is, they can’t handle everything, and they aren’t enough by themselves to give you a well-managed desktop. For that, you’ll need some additional help, like Netwrix PolicyPak.

This whitepaper will take you through some of the limitations of disk restoration products such as Deep Freeze, and shows you how adding Netwrix PolicyPak can ensure you’re properly managing end-user experiences on your network.