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[Product Training] What's New in Netwrix GroupID 11.0

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About the Webinar

Watch our customer webinar to learn about the newest updates and enhancements in Netwrix GroupID 11.0. Increase IT productivity and enhance security of Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) environments with Netwrix GroupID.

Jonathan Blackwell, Head of Software Development Netwrix GroupID, will show you how to:

  • Reflect group and user changes across directories without any synchronization tool.
  • Provision users into application with SCIM support
  • Extend efficient and secure group and user management to Entra ID.
  • Reduce your attack surface by strictly enforcing least privileges with new security role permissions for GroupID features
  • Simplify group management by enabling your users to upgrade a static group into a managerial dynasty.
  • Enhance efficiency and flexibility with web-based synchronization.
  • Enhance flexibility for customizing scripts with Python scripting while creating a job.
  • Enhance security with flexible permissions management for both Active Directory servers and SharePoint sites.
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Jonathan Blackwell,
Director of Engineering