2014 SIEM Efficiency Report

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2014 SIEM Efficiency Report

Security has always been a hot topic, especially for large companies that solve this issue with deploying SIEM solutions, which is a bold step toward delivering visibility to cyber security posture. SIEM solutions allow you to look into security logs and gather information that helps manage user and service privileges, as well as identify and report on security threats and suspicious activity.

This survey was meant to find out how IT professionals are leveraging their SIEM to provide visibility across the entire IT infrastructure and how this helps them strengthen IT security.


of surveyed IT pros stated that they have encountered security violations of their IT infrastructures.


of SMBs make little effort to ensure security of their IT infrastructures and struggle to monitor changes.


of IT professionals admitted that deploying a SIEM solution didn’t prevent security incidents from happening.

Content in this issue

2014 SIEM Efficiency Report
  • Security concern
  • SIEM in use
  • Change auditing
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Respondent demographics