2015 State of IT Changes Survey

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2015 State of IT Changes Survey

In light of the wave of data breaches affecting diverse companies we decided to continue researching into how companies deal with IT changes and initiated a second survey to find out how massive security breaches and violations of compliance standards have changed the organizations’ attitudes toward change management.

IT professionals answered questions about change management controls in their organizations and shared some insights about how these policies worked in the real world. The main question that intrigued us was whether companies became more proactive in achieving visibility into their IT infrastructures, and therefore became more successful in strengthening security and ensuring system uptime.


of surveyed IT pros stated they from time to time make undocumented changes, against 57% in 2014.


of enterprises have established change auditing processes to monitor their IT infrastructures, against 52% in 2014.


of small companies have started to track changes despite the lack of change management controls, against 30% last year.

Content in this issue

2015 State of IT Changes Survey
  • Change management and documentation
  • Change auditing
  • Hidden threats
  • Security vs. system uptime
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Respondent demographics