Speeding Incident Response by Integrating Netwrix Auditor with ServiceNow

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Speeding Incident Response by Integrating Netwrix Auditor with ServiceNow
Although most IT pros are aware of the benefits that technology integrations promise, many of them are reluctant to take on integration projects. They know all too well that many vendor products simply aren’t designed to be integrated with other systems; the lack of an application programming interface in particular is a huge red flag. Fortunately, there are vendors, such as ServiceNow and Netwrix, that enable organizations to reap the benefits of integration without having to invest lots of time and money.

This eBook explains the benefits that can be achieved by integrating ServiceNow Incident Management and Netwrix Auditor, including a higher level of information security and better and faster user support. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How you can ensure a reliable supply of the most critical security and operational incidents detected by Netwrix Auditor into your ServiceNow Incident Management application
  • How you can automate the process of creating tickets, updating tickets, filling out ticket fields and assigning tickets to appropriate staff
  • How you can save time in your daily incident handling work by enabling ticket correlation
  • How you can protect your system and your operational staff from ticket flooding