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Streamline incident response in ServiceNow. Integrate Netwrix Auditor with ServiceNow®
IT Service Management through the RESTful API with this free add-on.
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This add-on works only in combination with Netwrix Auditor, so make sure you have Netwrix Auditor installed.
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Speed incident response
Minimize the gap between incident detection and kickoff of the resolution process for improved SLA compliance.
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Increase IT productivity
Relieve the burden of manually handling tickets of the same type with automatic ticket correlation, alert consolidation and flood suppression.
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Implement ITSM best practices
Enable centralized incident management and integrate alerts directly into the IT workflow, in accordance with ITIL standards.

See how Netwrix Auditor Add-on for ServiceNow Incident Management helps speed incident response

Automate ticket creation
Have tickets automatically generated based on Netwrix Auditor alerts and immediately assigned to the right person or team.
Automate ticket creation
Streamline resolution of tickets of the same type
Avoid ticket overflow by correlating alerts of the same type to one ticket or having new tickets reference previous ones of the same type.
Streamline resolution of tickets of the same type
Receive complete incident information
Get all necessary details, including who-what-when-where data, automatically included in the ticket activity feed and attachment.
Receive complete incident information
ServiceNow Guide Cover
  • Review detailed instructions for installing the Add-on for ServiceNow Incident Management.
  • Learn how to configure the add-on properly.
  • Start automating your incident response processes in ServiceNow and watch your response times plummet.
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This eBook elaborates on how the Netwrix Auditor Add-on for ServiceNow Incident Management can help you prevent data breaches and costly downtime by automating the detection and registration of critical security and operational events across a wide range of IT systems.