London, UK, March 29, 2018

Automotive manufacturer secures design projects and streamlines J-SOX compliance

Using Netwrix Auditor on a daily basis, DENSO Manufacturing Hungary improves the security of critical data, reduces the risk of downtime and ensures continuous compliance.

Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation in hybrid environments, announced today that DENSO Manufacturing Hungary improved data security to ensure smooth business processes and achieve sustainable compliance, thanks to the complete visibility provided by Netwrix Auditor.

DENSO Manufacturing Hungary (DMHU) is a subsidiary of DENSO Corporation, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, which was founded in Japan in 1949. The company is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers, including BMW, Jaguar, Volkswagen and many others.

Headquartered in Japan, DMHU must strictly follow J-SOX requirements. To be compliant, as well as to ensure smooth manufacturing and management processes, its IT department had to improve the security of its proprietary and confidential data, including business plans and design projects. To achieve these goals, the 9-person IT team had to automate monitoring of the activity of 1700+ users across the entire IT environment.

The IT department valued that Netwrix Auditor is agentless and does not affect system performance. They also liked its detailed reports on changes to Active Directory and file servers. Leveraging the software, DMHU achieved the following benefits:

  • Faster incident discovery and investigation. Using the actionable data Netwrix Auditor provides, IT personnel can detect and investigate activity across the IT environment that violates security policies and could otherwise lead to downtime or data loss.
  • Streamlined J-SOX compliance. Netwrix Auditor collects and securely archives all data needed to successfully pass J-SOX audits. IT staff can easily retrieve this data whenever auditors show up on their doorstep to demonstrate that compliance is an ongoing process at DMHU, not a chance event.
  • IT efficiency. Since Netwrix Auditor slashes the time that IT staff spends on routine tasks to mere minutes, they can focus on issues that are more strategic.
Netwrix Auditor exceeded our expectations, because it is not just a software solution for internal IT audits, but a powerful platform for reporting to the higher management team who checks our J-SOX compliance. I doubt that we would meet all the requirements without it. Such a high level of visibility assures us that all critical systems are secure and that we are in continuous compliance. If there were no Netwrix Auditor, we would need at least two people to monitor the system nonstop. I would definitely recommend this software to the other DENSO subsidiaries.
Balazs Szegfu, Information Systems Expert at DMHU
To run daily operations seamlessly, maintain a competitive edge and ensure continuous compliance, manufacturing companies have to secure proprietary and other confidential data. To mitigate risks to this sensitive information, IT departments need to have full control over what is happening in the IT environment. Profound visibility into user activity across the IT infrastructure enables them to detect suspicious activity in time to prevent damage, ensure that employees closely follow security policies and make continuous compliance a part of the daily routine.
Matt Middleton-Leal, General Manager of the EMEA region for Netwrix

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