Ensure Cloud Security With Netwrix Change Tracker

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Establish known, compliant, secure and consistent configurations across all your on-prem and cloud platforms and maintain file integrity with intelligent tracking of changes, access and more.

Because modern organizations rely on cloud computing for a wide range of critical business services, a single misconfiguration can open the door to significant data breaches, compliance fines, expensive downtime and more. No matter what combination of infrastructure-as-service (IaaS), platform-as-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms you have adopted, Netwrix Change Tracker for Cloud can help you ensure that your cloud deployment as well as all your on-premises’ assets are configured securely at all times.

Why Netwrix Change Tracker?

Certified Baseline Configurations

Netwrix Change Tracker includes hundreds of CIS and DISA STIG certified build templates covering a wide range of industry regulations. These templates remove the guesswork and hassle from establishing hardened baselines for your public or hybrid cloud deployment. Plus, you can easily customize any template to meet your needs.

Powerful File Integrity Monitoring

Netwrix Change Tracker helps you ensure the integrity of every file in your cloud deployment by monitoring them for malicious or unwanted changes. It catches even sophisticated attacks that attempt to trick users with altered versions of commercial software by comparing your files against a cloud database of over 10 billion file reputation fingerprints supplied by software vendors like Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe and kept always up to date.

Intelligent Auditing and Alerting

without Change Noise Netwrix Change Tracker monitors your system files for changes every second of every day. All changes are logged — but only unauthorized or suspicious changes are brought to your attention, thanks to integration with your IT service management (ITSM) systems. As a result, you are not overwhelmed by a flood of notifications about legitimate changes; instead, you can immediately focus on activity that truly needs investigation.

Swift and Efficient Compliance Reporting

Ensure you meet the requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA CIS and other regulatory standards. With Netwrix Change Tracker, you can easily review your compliance scores and see whether they are improving or worsening. Plus, the solution is packed with a wide range of pre-defined compliance reports, benchmarks and tracking templates that help you achieve compliance — and prove it to auditors.

Works with all public cloud and hybrid cloud platforms and Kubernetes/Docker implementations

Change Tracker’s product architecture, rich feature set and ability to implement a closed-loop change cycle has been very effective in securing our IT operations. Rather than use a lot of different security tools to perform the functions we need, we use Netwrix Change Tracker.

David Smithers, CIO at IDB Bank