EMC Storage Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Total Visibility with Netwrix EMC Monitoring Software

EMC storage is chosen by organizations to host their most important data because this platform offers robust, stable storage built to meet enterprise demands. Auditing EMC storage files and folders for changes each day provides the administrator with the visibility over this important resource without the challenges associated with relying on only native logs. Alternative solutions can be costly and fail to provide all the details in concise reports. Only Netwrix EMC storage monitoring software can provide you with total visibility over changes to your files and folders in a single cost-effective tool that includes storage and reporting.

Next to ensuring systems are available to end users, data security is your second most important ongoing activity. Securing your data cannot be performed successfully with a mix-and-match strategy of tools whose auditing quality varies greatly from one platform to the next. To know what EMC storage changes are taking place 24x7 is not as easy as turning on logging. Netwrix EMC monitoring software provides visibility into all files, folders and permission changes producing efficient audit detail presented in user-friendly daily reports. To extend file system auditing in the enterprise, Netwrix Auditor provides not only EMC storage auditing, but also Windows file server auditing and auditing of other appliances such as NetApp Filer.

Netwrix Auditor setup and configuration requires only a few minutes. Once all servers and resources to audit have been added, keeping constant watch over data across all EMC storage devices as well as Windows and other CIFS-compliant appliances automatically. Save valuable time and money while meeting your change auditing and compliance goals with a single solution.

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