EMC Storage Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Scalable and Easy-to-Use EMC Monitoring Tool

Netwrix EMC monitoring tool is both scalable and easy-to-use. It adjusts to your changing environment and is flexible to meet new needs as they arise. There are a number of problems encountered when working to meet an organization's EMC storage and overall file compliance auditing and security needs:

First, a number of solutions lack the audit detail required by auditors. Insufficient detail is a compliance failure and a potential security hole until additional resources are used to close the gap. This tool provides all the necessary detail to satisfy auditors and also performs file, folder, permissions and access auditing for NetApp Filer and other CIFS-compliant appliances as well as Windows file servers and shares.

Second, organizations that acquire new units or expand to accommodate additional locations or responsibilities may be required to have change auditing on a new file storage platform that doesn't already exist. Netwrix EMC monitoring tool is highly scalable and works with many platforms in addition to EMC NAS devices.

Third, many file server change auditing solutions require specialized skills on how each particular storage facility logs events and stores the data. Netwrix Auditor uses a familiar Microsoft Management Console snap-in with logical menus and options. Furthermore, the product brings built-in capabilities to work with a number of popular platforms without the burden of you having to learn specific technical details about EMC storage, NetApp or even Windows file auditing.

Lastly, even after data has been collected from all the systems in your environment that store sensitive data, you still need to store that data as well as generate reports so you can manage them on an ongoing basis. Get up and running quickly on a single workstation in as little as 15 minutes and store your audit detail for seven years or more.

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