FAQ: Concept Searching’s Acquisition by Netwrix Corporation Completed

“The acquisition of Concept Searching is a natural next step for our organization, enabling us to provide our customers with even more contextual awareness to protect business-critical data and prioritize their security efforts.”
Steve Dickson, CEO, Netwrix.
  • Why did Netwrix acquire Concept Searching?
    After a year of successful technology partnership, Netwrix acquired Concept Searching to enhance customers’ contextual awareness into sensitive structured and unstructured data, both on premises and in the cloud.
    This investment firmly positions Netwrix in the Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP) market and offers organizations seeking solutions a real alternative — one with lower TCO, shorter time to value and significantly lower false positive rates. Our integrated solution will help organizations detect and mitigate data security threats in time to prevent real damage and slash compliance costs.
  • What are the benefits to Netwrix customers?
    The acquisition will bring Netwrix customers a greater level of depth to the real-time identification and remediation of sensitive information, further enabling customers to meet their data security needs and compliance mandates.
  • How does this affect the product roadmaps?
    Netwrix and Concept Searching have been working closely together for the past 12 months, and have already introduced an integrated solution – Netwrix Auditor Data Discovery & Classification Edition. The teams will continue to work closely to determine further integrations with Netwrix solutions. In addition, we are actively working to expand the development team working on the Concept Classifier platform, and Netwrix is committed to continue delivering a leading Content Services offering. In other words, you can expect to see further development and enhancement, as well as increased investment, in both the Netwrix DCAP offering, as well as the Content Services offering.
  • What are the benefits to Concept Searching customers?
    The investment that Netwrix is making in the Concept Classifier platform to drive innovation and customer success is the key benefit. Netwrix is committed to providing additional resources to augment the Content Services offering that Concept Searching adds to the Netwrix solution set.
  • Who should Concept Searching customers call in case of a support issue?
    Please continue to contact support as you have been. We plan to integrate Concept Searching support with Netwrix support quickly, and will provide updates as that occurs.
  • Who should I contact if I have further questions?
    The Concept Searching team is now part of Netwrix. Please continue to reach out to your normal contacts.
  • How can I learn about Netwrix Auditor Discovery and Classification Edition?
    Please visit https://www.netwrix.com/data_discovery_and_classification.html.