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We care about security of your data.
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Netwrix data classification for
File Servers
Discover and secure sensitive data on your file servers
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We care about security of your data.
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Protect the Sensitive Data on Your File Servers with File Classification Software from Netwrix

Organizations today store enormous volumes of data on their file servers. To avoid data breaches and satisfy compliance mandates, you need to know exactly where sensitive and regulated content resides. Netwrix Data Classification for File Servers enables you to accurately identify and classify data so you can protect it appropriately, delete it when it’s no longer needed and meet regulatory requirements.
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High-fidelity data classification
Focus your security efforts on truly sensitive data. Our compound term processing and statistical analysis deliver far more accurate results than simple keyword and Regex matching classification systems.
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Predefined classification rules
Get started classifying your content in minutes. Netwrix Data Classification includes a large number of out-of-the box rules that identify data regulated by GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and other mandates.
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Easy customization
Eliminate the need to engage costly professional services to build custom taxonomies — create and modify classification criteria yourself in a user-friendly interface with the help of machine learning.
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Automated risk remediation
Protect sensitive files by automatically moving them to a safe area, removing permissions from global access groups and redacting confidential content.
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Accurate data tagging
Embed classification tags into files to improve the accuracy of your DLP or IRM tools and streamline data management tasks like archiving, filing or migrating specific data.
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ROT data detection
Reduce risk and costs by pinpointing outdated or duplicate records that can be safely archived or removed. Automate this process to save valuable time.

Classify data accurately and reliably to strengthen data security and compliance

Locate sensitive information across your file servers
Pinpoint financial documents, medical records, intellectual property and other sensitive content across your filing systems so you can implement the most appropriate controls to secure it.
Watch for data at risk and immediately protect it
Automatically quarantine sensitive data stored in unsecure locations or accessible by large groups of users to minimize its exposure until you can execute a thoughtful remediation plan.
Meet compliance requirements with less effort and expense
Identify data regulated by laws like GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS with automated data discovery, and enforce required privacy and retention policies. Satisfy data subject access requests (DSARs) by finding all data related to an individual in minutes, not days.
Slash your attack surface by getting rid of unneeded content
Discover and clean up redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data across your file servers to reduce your risk of breaches and fines.
Read how Netwrix Data Classification can help you overcome your data security and compliance challenges, regardless of where your content is located.