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Tame Your Unstructured Data with File Analysis Software

Exponential data growth is a pain in the neck for both small companies and enterprise organizations. Data leaks are common, compliance fines get bigger all the time, and legal teams are constantly asking for specific information. Data storages are so full and so disorganized that employees can’t find what they need. Netwrix file analysis software has you covered. It helps you reduce risk, address compliance requirements and legal requests, increase storage efficiency, and transform your dark data into valuable insights.
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Mitigate the risk of a data breach

Data breaches are a nightmare for any organization, since they can lead to financial losses, customer distrust and even business closure. Regain your calm by focusing your data protection efforts on the content that really matters, controlling access to it, detecting suspicious user behavior around it and improving the efficiency of your IT security solutions.

Prioritize your data security efforts
Identify data repositories with the highest concentration of sensitive information so you can prioritize your security and governance efforts on protecting the data that matters most to your business. Find any personal data, regulated information or intellectual property that surfaces outside of a secure location and shield it from improper exposure.
Control access to sensitive information
Keep an eye out for sensitive content accessible by large groups of users and automatically revoke excessive access rights from groups like Everyone to reduce its exposure. Tighten access controls by continuously ensuring that permissions to sensitive data are aligned with corporate policies and employee responsibilities.
Improve the efficiency of your data protection solutions
Leverage highly accurate tagging to increase the accuracy of your endpoint security, data loss prevention and other data protection products, ensuring they can focus on truly valuable data and solidify its security.

Address legal and compliance requirements with less effort

Dealing with multiple compliance standards and legal processes on your own is not an easy task. But it’s critical; in fact, your business itself can be at stake. Slash preparation time for audits with file analysis software that helps you adhere to privacy, regulatory and legal requirements and prove your compliance with hard evidence.

Gain a high-level view of the regulated data you store
Find sensitive files regulated by GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and other standards across your IT environment with automated data discovery so you can establish appropriate security controls around them.
Stay compliant with the data retention mandates
Meet data retention requirements and improve your records management by finding specific types of regulated data, such as tax records or utility bills, across your IT environment and enforcing the required retention policies around them.
Satisfy data subject access requests
Find all the personal information about a particular individual stored across your network when they exercise their privacy rights under GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA or other data privacy regulations. Provide them with this information or delete it if they withdraw their consent.
Respond to legal requests without putting your business on hold
Avoid prolonged litigation processes by arming yourself with a solution that can find all data related to a legal action, regardless of where it resides, and put it on hold as required.

Increase your storage efficiency

When exponential data growth causes your storage devices to hit their limits, you could just buy bigger drives. After all, storage gets cheaper every day. But keeping data you don’t need entails other costs, such as poor user productivity, higher management costs and increased migration complexity. Why not get your storage under control and save yourself all those expenses?

Facilitate data cleanup across your data storages
Find all redundant, obsolete and trivial data stored on your Windows file shares, Microsoft SharePoint and other critical data storages and delete or archive it as required by data management best practices, and thereby reduce storage costs and management burden.
Get details about the largest files in your environment
Identify the largest files across your IT infrastructure and get critical information about where they are located and when they were created and last accessed, so you can involve data owners in determining what to do with them. Often, large files are personal videos or images that should not be stored in a corporate environment.
Make your migration smarter
Accurately estimate the scale of your work prior to the move and meet migration timelines by discovering the data you want to migrate to the dedicated location and leaving unneeded information behind.

Transform unstructured data into valuable insights

Data is any organization’s most valuable asset. However, as data grows exponentially and spreads across disparate silos, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to find the information they need to do their job and extract real value from it.

Empower users to easily find the data they need
Transform terabytes of dark data into actionable knowledge and arm your knowledge workers with the most reliable, current and relevant information for their jobs. The average cost of recreating a document that users can’t locate is $288, so it is vital to ensure that they can always find the data they need to eliminate these high expenses and drive your organization forward.
Improve decision making across the organization
Pull together valuable information, such as user feedback or research documents, scattered across disparate data silos, which would be impossible for an analyst or even a team of analysts to gather on their own. By having reliable and organized information handy, they can discover new growth opportunities, identify more complex risks and make better business decisions.

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