Netwrix News: June 2014

SC Magazine Product Review: Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

According to the review made by SC Magazine, Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory is a "...solid auditing solution. The product does an excellent job of it and is quite easy to use and deploy."

In the Blog: Top 12 Smartphone Apps Used by System Administrators

Check out what apps are loved by System Administrators at most according to a thread started on Spiceworks. We summarized current results for you.

In the Blog: Epic Fail: The Need for System Documentation

We live and die by our documentation. Everyone would agree that network and system documentation is important, but how about the more mundane things like tickets or how to get things done?

In the Blog: HIPAA Settlements: The Largest One Could Have Been Prevented

The settlement on the largest HIPAA data breach is now final: $4.8 million. And no matter how many times the organizations are lectured about the ever present danger of information leaks, not many are taking proper care of their IT security. Here is a blog post telling you how this could be prevented.

In the Blog: Accidental Security Breaches

While external threats are always a huge cause for concern, IT people and security professionals know that the majority of data breaches are from internal threats. However, most of IT pros don’t think about such an attack vector as an accidental or lazy Administrator.

In the Blog: Why You Need to Ensure Administrators Change Passwords Regularly

There is nothing new that people hate updating their passwords and implementing separate passwords for different services or systems. So, it’s vital for organizations to perform regular checks to ensure that system administrators are updating passwords on a regular basis.

Spiceworks: Does Domain Admin Need a List of Everyone's Password?

One of the hottest topics on Spiceworks these days will give you a complete answer of why admins don’t need the list of everyones passwords, check the spiceheads opinions right now...

Spiceworks: Remote Desktop Logon Failed - Audit Events

Want to know how to track Remote Desktop and other failed logons to computers in your Active Directory using Group Policy? Then you should see a complete answer by Michael Fimin (Netwrix CEO) which will help you set up monitoring of these events in your infrastructure...

Recognition From Gartner: Netwrix Password Manager Was Included in 2014 Market Guide

Netwrix Password Manager was recognized by Gartner as an Active Directory Specialist in their June 6, 2014 Market Guide for Password Management Tools. You can get more information about Netwrix Password Manager to evaluate it.

Interview with the CEO: Michael Fimin for Contrarisk Security Podcast

In this podcast, Michael explains that many of the changes made to IT systems are directly security related – e.g., changes to policies or access rights – and that not documenting them not only weakens security but can also have implications for compliance.

Product Review: Netwrix Auditor for Exchange

Netwrix Auditor for Exchange was reviewed by and got the Gold Award. Netwrix Auditor for Exchange is a great solution that provides all the change auditing reports an Exchange administrator would need into a single place and in a human-readable format.