10 Questions for Assessing Data Security in the Enterprise

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10 Questions for Assessing Data Security in the Enterprise
It’s hard to imagine an organization today that does not rely on file servers, SharePoint or Office 365 for storing data, including valuable and sensitive information such as intellectual property and personal data. This makes these systems particularly attractive targets for all sort of attackers, from external hackers to disgruntled employees. To protect data from both external and internal threats, businesses must regularly conduct thorough data security assessments as part of their broader cyber security assessments.

Data security assessment is a set of measures designed to help you identify system vulnerabilities and catch threats that could impact information security and assess the likelihood of a breach, so you can determine how best to reduce your exposure.

Such procedures enable organization to strengthen data confidentiality, integrity and availability, which in turn helps them meet the requirements of various compliance standards. For example, having an effective data security assessment makes it easier to comply with regulations like the GDPR and the CCPA, which require organizations to implement a strong data protection policy to maintain customer data privacy.

This eBook empowers you to improve data security in your organization and avoid huge compliance fines by finding out how secure the systems that store your sensitive data really are. By answering just 10 key questions, you can assess data security and become more resilient to data threats, without having to invest in multiple technology solutions. These questions revolve around the three cornerstones of data security: find your sensitive data, understand user access permissions to it and track suspicious activity around it.