Netwrix News: May 2014

Spotlight: Becoming De Facto Standard for Change and Configuration Auditing

Leaving all the competition far behind Netwrix Auditor 6.0, major new release of leading change and configuration auditing platform, provides single pane of glass view across the entire IT infrastructure and further extends the range of audited systems.

Spotlight: Extending Range of Audited Systems: New Solution Available

Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint allows you to audit SharePoint permissions, configurations and more in order to avoid accidental and malicious changes.

In the Blog: Demystifying Security Term Confusion

Got lost in perplexing security terminology? IT experts explain buffling security terms in simple words.

In the Blog: Spice Heads are Guessing the Future of Auditing

Before the release of Netwrix Auditor 6.0 a contest has been conducted on SpiceWorks. You may find it interesting, what the Spice Heads think the next big thing at Netwrix should be.

In the Blog: User Password Opinions and Advice on Spiceworks

How should we approach password policy and what are the best practices? There seems to be a way to keep balance between security and convenience. See what IT pros suggest how password policy should be organized.

Spiceworks: Avalanche of Security Breaches

Are hackers getting smarter or we need to rethink security? How hard is to protect your digital data? What is the weakest chain in IT Security? Reveal it jumping into our discussion on Spiceworks.

Cartoon of the Month:

"The avalanche of recent security breaches and compliance violations at major retailers, healthcare organizations and hotel chains, clearly indicates that traditional security mechanisms, such as firewalls, IDS and antivirus, should no longer be treated as the only line of defense against external attackers and insider threats. Having visibility into what is happening inside your IT systems is critical to mitigate security breaches."

Having visibility into what is happening inside your IT systems is critical to mitigate security breaches

Interview With CEO: Michael Fimin for CEOCFO Magazine

“We are building a great company. In the next several years we will get to $100,000,000 of revenue per year. At that point, our plan is to file for an IPO to raise funds for continued expansion.”

Success Story: Even With IT Expansion, Belkin Controls Changes in Active Directory and Exchange With Netwrix

"Over the last decade, as the company grew rapidly, the number of admins managing Belkin’s IT environment increased. This was reactive in that we had faced situations where we did not know who made the changes. Belkin felt the necessity to maintain both stability and security of its IT environment”, Jeff Salisbury, Director Global IT Operations Belkin tells.

Conference: TechEd 2014

At TechEd 2014, Microsoft’s premier technology conference, Netwrix showcased its new major Netwrix Auditor 6.0 release. The brand new technology delivers complete visibility into what is happening across IT infrastructures with Enterprise Overview Dashboards, extended range of audited systems and over 25 significant scalability, performance and usability enhancements.

Video Overview: Netwrix Auditor 6.0. Overview

Watch our 2-minute long video overview introducing Netwrix Auditor 6.0 delivering #completevisibility of what is happening in your IT infrastructure:

Netwrix #1 for change auditing