Meat Packaging Company Mitigates Cyber Threats while Saving 8 Hours a Week

With Netwrix Auditor, Standard Meat Company reduces its attack surface and secures business-critical data in just 15 minutes per day

Irvine, CA, November 21, 2017

Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation in hybrid environments, announced today that Standard Meat Company (SMC) minimized the risk of data breaches and established control over privileged users by leveraging the visibility provided by Netwrix Auditor.

Founded in 1935 in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S., SMC is a pioneer in the meat packaging industry. The company supplies national and international restaurant chains, major supermarkets, and club stores with customized beef, pork, and poultry processing and packaging solutions. To maintain the security of the company’s IT systems and sensitive data, the IT team needed to gain visibility into activity across the network. Failure to ensure security would put SMC at serious risk for reputational damage and loss of market share.

The IT team chose Netwrix Auditor for its seamless deployment process, easy-to-use interface and detailed reports on file server permissions, which are especially critical. SMC shares the results it has already achieved from using Netwrix Auditor for less than a year:

  • Insights into file server activity and permissions. The software provides an overview of all file server activity, both failed and successful, so no malicious or improper actions will be overlooked. On top of that, the deep visibility into file permissions enabled the IT team to identify and revoke excessive rights, so now users have access to critical files on a strict need-to-know basis.
  • Increased accountability of privileged users. Netwrix Auditor alerts the IT team about changes to Domain Admins group membership and also provides summaries of all Active Directory and VMware changes, so they can easily keep privileged accounts under 24/7 surveillance.
  • Mitigated threat of ex-employees. Before, the HR department sometimes forgot to ask IT to disable the accounts of terminated employees, which put the company at risk. Now the IT team can easily spot inactive user accounts, review the reports with HR and ensure that terminated employees no longer have access to company systems.

"Netwrix Auditor has been a critical asset to our system. It saves us at least 8 hours per week, since we do not have to hunt through logs on the Active Directory server or constantly check file server permissions anymore. Now I spend just 10–15 minutes a day to make sure that the network and data are secure. The software also provides a good platform for reporting, not only to my manager, but also to upper management and stakeholders, so we can demonstrate that we are in control of our systems and everything is secured as needed," said Jeremy Baldwin, System and Network Administrator at Standard Meat Company.

"Companies have to ensure that their IT infrastructure and business-critical data are secure, because security breach can cause irreversible reputational damage, canceled contracts with clients and lost profits. To enable their organizations to remain in business and continue to grow, IT teams need complete visibility into the IT environment. Knowing exactly what is going on across the network enables them to better control user activity and detect suspicious events in a timely manner," said Michael Fimin, CEO and Co-founder of Netwrix.

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