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Netwrix Continues to Secure Organizations Globally by Securing Their Data, Identities and Infrastructure

Netwrix has upgraded a third of its product portfolio in the past six months.

Netwrix, a vendor that delivers effective and accessible cybersecurity to any organization, has released new versions of six products since October 2023 and expanded its offering with data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. The enhancements further help customers face digital threats with confidence by enabling them to identify and protect sensitive data as well as to detect, respond to, and recover from attacks.

Solutions with notable key enhancements include the following:

  • Endpoint security solution:
    • Netwrix Endpoint Protector, the most recent addition to the Netwrix portfolio, protects data stored on employee workstations and laptops from accidental loss, unauthorized sharing, and malicious exfiltration. Continuous DLP across Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints reduces the attack surface and mitigates the risk of a breach.
    • Netwrix PolicyPak now enables organizations to solve endpoint management and protection challenges for workstations and laptops with ARM processors without affecting end-user productivity.
  • Identity and access management (IAM) solution:
    • Netwrix GroupID now empowers customers to remediate security risks while reducing manual effort from the IT team by streamlining user and group management in Google Workspace in addition to Active Directory, Entra ID (former Azure AD), and Microsoft 365.
  • Privileged access management (PAM) solution:
    • Netwrix Privilege Secure now ensures consistent control over privileges across both Microsoft SQL Server and Postgres and provides seamless database migration.
  • Password security solution:
    • Netwrix Password Secure further reduces vulnerability to brute-force attacks by significantly increasing the iteration count for key derivation functions, improving client and server authentication hashes, and strengthening personal user key encryption.
  • Active Directory (AD) security solution:
    • Netwrix Enterprise Auditor (formerly Netwrix StealthAUDIT) now reduces the risk of data breaches by identifying sensitive data and detecting suspicious activity around this data on Qumulo and Nutanix servers.
    • Netwrix Change Tracker facilitates compliance with a broad selection of new CIS Benchmarks and Compliance Reports templates.

With 73% of organizations having a hybrid IT infrastructure and 69% of those who are currently on premises only planning to start cloud adoption soon, the complexity of IT architecture becomes a major challenge for data security. Netwrix keeps focusing on delivering strong, consistent security measures across the whole on-premises and cloud infrastructure to empower our customers to face digital threats with confidence.
Michael Tweddle, Chief Product Officer chez Netwrix

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Netwrix champions cybersecurity to ensure a brighter digital future for any organization. Netwrix's innovative solutions safeguard data, identities, and infrastructure reducing both the risk and impact of a breach for more than 13,500 organizations across 100+ countries. Netwrix empowers security professionals to face digital threats with confidence by enabling them to identify and protect sensitive data as well as to detect, respond to, and recover from attacks.

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